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Lake Elsinore’s Excellent Car Paint Job

Lake Elsinore’s Collision Pros Auto Body and Paint offers its customers exceptional auto body paint service, which uses a PPG paint mixing system. This mixing system matches the custom-mixed paints to a customer’s vehicle’s color and finish. PPG provides the best automotive paint, and the clear coat it supplies is scratch-resistant. Since the PPG paint mixing system is computerized, it ensures that the color formula a customer’s vehicle needs is the perfect match. Lake Elsinore Car Paint Job does the work quickly, and with assured quality. The products used are not only top-class, but are also environment-friendly.

Lake Elsinore Auto Body Paint Job is not only for the latest car models, older vehicles needing to be repainted are always welcome. The PPG paint mixing system can find paint colors and finishes, even if the paint code of the vehicle’s manufacturer is no longer available. The location of the paint code information depends on the manufacturer; some can be found on the decal, under the hood, on the automobile’s body or near the radiator. Others are located on the driver’s side door jam or around the spare tire. Usually, the vehicle’s manual states where color code location is.

Lake Elsinore Body Paint Service also offers a paint warranty to the owner of the vehicle. The parts of the vehicle that are repainted by the shop are covered by the warranty. In case of peeling or de-lamination of the top coat and other layers of paint, you customers can bring their vehicle back to be refurnished. Loss of gloss, due to hazing, cracking, or checking, is also covered by the warranty. If the PPG refinish products caused any paint failure, Lake Elsinore Paint Service will still be responsible for fixes and repainting.

Collision Pros Auto Body and Paint’s 25 years of auto painting experience is an assurance of their high quality services provided to customers. The auto painters are professionals with have sufficient knowledge and experience in painting vehicles. They make sure that each automobile undergoes a total body makeover, so they will look their best.

With Lake Elsinore’s Collision Pros Auto Body and Paint, customers can transform their car, SUV, truck, or other vehicle into an automobile with a completely different look. The possibilities of achieving a vehicle makeover are endless with the excellent body paint job services Lake Elsinore offers. The experienced professionals, in addition to the latest paint mixing system, are ready to help customers achieve their desired makeover for their automobile.